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on line marketingRalph Waldo Emerson said, “Money often costs too much”.

Well, that is true there are many who will do a lot to earn money. And that being said, each day millions of people fight the never ending battle to earn a little more, and to save a little more. There are several ways to earn that little more, and today, on line marketing is one of the most favored choices. To run a company successfully, your marketing strategy has to be outstanding. With the whole world being online all the time, there is absolutely nothing better than marketing online.

With that said, are you wondering what on line marketing is all about? Well, it is a strategy that you can utilize to market or advertise your business through the  internet. But what most fail to take on is a correct approach. So here are a few steps and strategies to achieve the best result you want.

Use Your Skills- Earn Some Money

There are many companies out there looking for freelance graphic artists or designers. If you possess the skills, use them to your advantage. Many businesses will appreciate your skills and pay a decent amount. Besides money, certain businesses also let you post blurbs and small advertisements on their websites.

If you know a specific task, for example as working on some program, easy way to charge car battery etc; Use it to make tutorials to teach others. You can post such tutorials on websites like YouTube, TED and many more. Another option is to hold webinars where you can display your services in a short presentation. It is indispensable that the topics are based on the products or services you provide. You can allow access to people only if they register, hence, increasing the traffic to your website.

Pimp Your Website

It is imperative to make your website beautiful. Whatever is visible to customers, sells! Therefore, make sure it is interactive, user friendly, and has a plethora of cool features. Analyze your customer base and build your site as required. Post photos of your services and products, customer reviews, blogs, etc, in order to attract people. This will also acclimate the potential clients with your products.

You have to create a brand- spend a little time in the beginning to create a brand logo for your enterprise that visually represents what your enterprise is all about. Such slogans are witty lines that show the mission and vission statement of your enterprise. Think Different by Apple, Just Do It by Nike, and such logos and slogans have become a prompt reminder of the products.

Get Connected

Every place has a local portal where it exhibits its services and business. You must link your site or business with them. This in turn will make you clearly visible to the people. It is a wonderful way to let others know about your enterprise without paying too much on advertising. Also, social networking sites are a wonderful way to market and promote your enterprise. Post updates, pictures, blogs, tweet, and get connected. Also, get your friends to follow you, and like your updates and write for you or outsource it, but make sure you have proper permissions. Share your site’s links with other websites and get promoted without any cost. While you support them, your website gets more views. Attract more people with innovative promotions frequently.

Look Out

Ensure that you regularly check and maintain your website. A defective and slow site will not be a point of attraction. Therefore, keep updating promotions and referrals.

Also remember, with all the hard work you put into your on line marketing, there are certain things you must keep in mind always. Maintenance of your site is extremely crucial. You must update it from time to time, and also keep an eye out for bugs. In addition to this, you must monitor the movement of the visitors for better knowledge of your own services and products.

On line marketing, just like any other marketing process is not easy. It certainly requires a lot of patience and time. Allow your enterprise to simmer in this wide market. The people will gradually come to know about your business if you continue using different strategies to get it into public notice. Also keep evolving with new changes.


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Working for the Man

Nothing is more aggravating than working for a living….

you spend the majority of your life, or at least 50% of your non-sleeping time at your J-O-B!  For those that love their work and are well paid, Kudos!

For the rest of us, Oy Vey!  it sucks!!

For the latter, hang in there.  Remember all the cliques, you make your own bed…You’re the master of your own destiny…  They’re all true.

Let this day sound our battle cry!

Things are going to change.

Grant Cardone teaches the 10X Rule.  When you work at something, do it at a multiple rate of 10X the effort o get where you want to go!

Do that people!

Studies have shown that people are more likely to achieve goals if they are written out.  Write out your goals right now, and re-write them every day from now on.

Here’s another great tip from Grant Cardone – Don’t aim low, set your goals at 10X levels.  That way, per Grant, if you only achieve 10% of your goal it would be quite an accomplishment.

Don’t ever give up on your dreams and succumb to your 9 to 5 J-O-B!

Keep working on your goals and this could be us down the road…


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